How to Sell on Alibaba from India

Are you ready to become an Alibaba seller? Well, let’s get you started on your journey. Alibaba is a digital marketplace that can take your business to whole new levels. With customers across 240 countries, Alibaba can help you sell your products on a larger scale and to a wider audience. All you need to do is set up a seller account on Alibaba, and you can start selling your products. If you wish to sell on Alibaba from India, you can follow this guide we have curated for you. From how to set up your account to details regarding the membership fees, this guide answers all your queries.

How to Sell on Alibaba From India

Selling on Alibaba is a piece of cake, and we’re here to walk you through it. Alibaba offers some great services to its sellers, and you can make use of them. In fact there is also a chat assistant on the website that’ll assist you if you have any questions. Read through this guide and follow these steps to create your own Alibaba seller account.

1. Register an account on Alibaba

The first step to creating an Alibaba seller account is to register and create an account on the website. To initiate registration, follow these steps.

  • Once you open Alibaba, look for the “Start selling Now” link on the website.
  • As you click on this link, a pop-up appears asking for your details
  • Fill in your details, such as name, email, phone number, company name and the product category
  • Click on the Next button and select if you sell on any other platform
  • Once you fill in the details, click on submit
  • An Alibaba expert will reach out to you shortly.

Wish to attract more buyers? Then, get your company verified. Verified businesses get a lot more queries and a lot more orders, too!

2. Post the products you sell on Alibaba

Do you know what else attracts buyers? Good quality images of your products. And not just one or two but several. Although the next process is lengthy, it is the most satisfying one. With these important guidelines, you’re all set to sell on Alibaba from India.

  • Provide an accurate description of the product
  • Update the product status, application and type of product.
  • Proceed to upload the product image.
  • Assign a model number unique to each product
  • The next step is to choose the acceptable forms of payment
  • Select the quantity you can supply per day and the estimated delivery date.
  • Then, provide details regarding the packaging details.

When choosing the payment terms, you may want to upload different payment methods that are accessible to buyers in different countries. As a seller, you also need to specify the minimum order quantity.

3. Set up your company profile

Here is your chance to impress your potential buyers! The next step to creating an Alibaba seller account is setting up your company profile. You can write a brief about your company and need to provide information like:

  • Location
  • Provide details if you are a supplier, a buyer, or both
  • Telephone number, business type, name and the main products you sell
  • Enter contact address and gender
  • With this, you have completed creating your company profile

4. Reply to Enquiries

Well, you’re nearly done setting up your account! The final step on how to create a seller account on Alibaba includes back-and-forth communication with potential buyers. Only setting up an account isn’t enough, as buyers look for an active seller account. So, make sure to regularly update your account and the product status.

  • Once your product listing is up and running, you will receive enquiries from potential buyers.
  • Negotiate the price with the buyers and reach a final agreement.
  • Ensure to reply at the earliest as it gives you more responses
  • Download the AliSupplier mobile app and turn on the notifications
  • This notifies you right away when you receive an enquiry.

With this, you have successfully applied to become an Alibaba seller. The process is a little lengthy and tedious and requires attention to detail. However, if you need assistance, you can always reach out to a consultant who will be more than happy to help you with the process.

Membership price in India to sell on Alibaba

Alibaba offers three different pricing plans for sellers with 0% commission fees. The Alibaba membership fee is paid yearly. For more information about the Alibaba fees, read through the section below. Here are the different membership plans offered.

1. Plus Membership

Looking for a budget-friendly plan? Plus membership is a great option for you! List as many products as you want with no set limits. The Alibaba membership fees for the Plus users cover features such as onboarding, store setup and optimisation. An account manager can help you get set up and provide analytics support locally. You also get analytics of store performance, marketing campaigns, keywords and more.

  • Price- INR 143000 per year
  • Add upto five employee sub-accounts
  • Promote upto 20 products to boost traffic

2. Standard Membership

The Standard price plan offers some cool features that’ll help you set up your business. The Alibaba fees for a standard membership cover a mini-site storefront creator. This helps you create a storefront that highlights your business. An amount of Rs.72000 will be credited to you so you can spend on keyword advertising campaigns. Get access to trends that’ll help you look up keywords that can optimize your product listing and improve your rankings.

  • Price– INR 215000 per year
  • Increase traffic as a 2-star supplier
  • Get a free course to gain skills to help grow your business

3. Verified Supplier

For maximum benefits, the verified supplier plan is your best pick.  You get instant notifications whenever you get an enquiry along with 60 days of boarding service. This includes taking care of your storefront, product listings, and store settings. Apart from this, sellers get three different kinds of verifications: business verification, on-site verification, and an assessment report. This adds credibility to your business, which in turn builds trust with potential buyers.

  • Price– INR 750000 per year
  • Showcase up to 60 products
  • Increase traffic as a 4-star supplier

Why become an Seller?

Want to sell more? At a global level? Why not choose Alibaba? As a seller, you can benefit from selling on a digital platform as it has a wider reach. It can help you and your get global recognition as compared to the traditional way of selling a product. Here are a few benefits of becoming an Alibaba seller.

  • You can contact buyers in 17 different languages
  • Has a global reach with buyers in 190+ countries
  • Can send up to 60 quotations per month to buyers
  • Availability of AI tools and smart assistants to grow your business
  • In-built communication tools to contact buyers
  • Free onboarding services for new sellers
  • Local support that provides you with analytics and operational support


Selling your products on Alibaba is easier than ever. All you need to do is set up an Alibaba seller account, choose a subscription plan and list your products. There’s no doubt Alibaba is among the global players when it comes to e-commerce business. In fact, it is one of the largest platforms on which to sell and buy products at wholesale rates. It connects sellers and buyers from all around the world, facilitating business growth. Equipped with several AI tools and modern features, Alibaba’s gaining popularity is certainly justified for all the right reasons.


Q1. Does Alibaba charge commission fees?

Ans. Alibaba takes 0% commission fees. It does not take any cut from your sales.

Q2. How much is the Alibaba membership fees in India?

Ans. The Alibaba fees ranges from INR 143000 per year to INR 750000 per year. You can chose either of the plan and get started to sell on Alibaba from India.

Q3. Do I get a free trial subscription on Alibaba?

Ans. You can get a 30 day free trial on the product listing features. However to make the most of the features and to get maximum benefits, you should subscribe to plan.

Q4. Which is the most popular subscription plan amongst Alibaba sellers? 

Ans. The standard subscription plan is the most popular subscription plan amongst Alibaba sellers in India.